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Ondrej Leipert is unparalleled in the fitness industry when it comes to knowledge of diet, nutrition, human kinetics, motivation and professionalism. In all of my years as an experienced athlete, Ondrej helped me attain my fitness goals getting me in the best shape of my life. Not only is Ondrej motivating and knowledgeable but his ability as a trainer far exceeds anyone I have ever met.  His skills surpass those of any celebrity trainers I’ve encountered in all of my career.
Tania Fiolleau, TV Talk Show Host
I have been training with Ondrej for about nine months and can honestly say that I am stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been. Ondrej’s workout regime has pushed me to progress each week and his nutritional consulting has changed the way I eat and the way I look! Thanks for keeping on the right track!
Abbe Chivers, satisfied client
Andrea has absolutely changed my life, she’s not just a trainer, she’s a true friend. She teaches you how to be healthy and fit so that you can really maintain your success. On those days when you might be losing motivation, she’s always there for support, inside and outside of the gym. Both Andrea and Ondrej are really beautiful people on the inside and that’s what makes them stand out so much on the outside. Training with them has meant more to me than just pounds. Once you accomplish something, you really feel like you can do anything, and that’s what they’re all about.
Celina D.H., satisfied client
Dear Andrea, I totally enjoyed the workout with you for the past year. You are a fabulous trainer. Your thoughtful training program, combined with your effective nutrition advice, deliver results. I am privileged to be able to call you my personal trainer. I hope I did not disappoint!
Monica C., satisfied client

The Yaletown Fitness Difference

Ondrej Leipert has 10 years of professional experience as a personal trainer. A former powerlifter, he worked with the Czech national bodybuilder and fitness leader Ludvik Pokorny and also with powerlifter Dan Dvorak. Having been the top personal trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World three years in a row, Andrea Leipert set out on her own and now trains athletes, celebrities and other individuals. Both hold numerous certifications and are active fitness competitors.

You’ll work out with the supervision of one of Vancouver’s most respected personal trainers watching over your effort every step of the way. We make sure you’re doing the right exercises for the goals you want to achieve, and that you’re doing them the right way, to ensure the results you’re after without the risks that come if you try to work out on your own.

Yaletown Fitness Ltd. works from a boutique studio conveniently located near downtown Vancouver. Convenient for clients, this location provides a great place to work out without prying eyes or other issues that are frequently encountered at large gyms. Request a INITIAL Consultation

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Ondrej and Andrea Leipert are two of Vancouver's most respected personal trainers. It is our mission to bring inspiration to our clients.

We train people ranging from those who have never exercised before to professional athletes, celebrities and competitors. We provide amazing support!

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So far I'm loving the results and the constant support from my family, friends and amazing coaches Ondrej Leipert and Andrea Leipert from Yaletown Fitness. Here's my story.